MFI 2022 - Registration

Please note that each published paper should come with its own registration.

Registration is made via the button below - this will take you to a MS Office Form hosted by Cranfield University:

Speaker: In Person with Paper
Speaker: Remote with Paper
Delegate (no paper): In Person
Delegate (no paper): Remote
Regular Registration
IEEE Member Registration
Student Registration

Workshop Fees

  • Workshop presentation with an associated full paper is charged at the same rate as the remote or in person speaker 

  • Workshop presentations with no paper, delivered in person are charged at the same as the in-person delegate

  • Workshop presentations with no paper, delivered remotely are charged at £100 

Additional Fees

  • Extra page fee (the first 6 pages are included and it is possible to add upto 2 additional pages)             £80

  • Additional Dinner Ticket                                                                                                                                   £50

Complimentary registration is available for plenary speakers and IEEE life members - Please register via